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Tenants Information

Do I have to supply references etc?
Yes, we will take references on behalf of the Landlord. Normally these will include your employer, any former landlord and a character reference. In addition a credit check will be undertaken.
Where a Tenant is unable to meet the required income or credit checks, it may be possible for the Tenant to have a Guarantor agree to underwrite any rent liabilities or to pay more rent in advance. This would be subject to the Landlord's agreement.
The Tenant's application fee is £160 for the first tenant which includes tenant reference and contribution to the tenancy agreement. There is a fee of £80 for each additional reference application.
What is a tenancy agreement?
It is a legally binding document between you and the property you are renting that states the amount of rent, the length of the tenancy, your rights and responsibilities. Your agreement will most probably be an Assured Short hold tenancy under the Housing Act as amended in 1996. For bona fide companies and/or rental values over £100,000 a year, the agreement will be drawn up under contract law.
How long does it all take before I can move in?
Once you have made an offer, it generally  takes 5-7 working day to process your application. Within this period we confirm your ability to meet rental commitments, and for the initial monies to be received. This is only an indication of time scales. It can take longer and occasionally it can could be a shorter time. You will not be allowed possession of the property until all this has been done.
What are my responsibilities?
Your responsibilities as a tenant are clearly set out in your tenancy agreement, which you should read carefully before you sign. If in doubt, ask the agent and / or take independent advice.  
How long is a typical let?
Most Landlords require it to be a minimum of six months and often want a minimum of a year.
What happens if I want to stay on or leave early?
Tenancies are frequently renewed and we normally agree the terms for the renewal at the beginning and include them in the tenancy agreement. The Renewal fee that the Tenants pay is £80. You will remain responsible for the rent until the end of the term agreed, unless a new and satisfactory tenant can be found at your expense.
What else do I have to pay for?
The tenant pays the utility bills such as gas, electricity, water and telephone during the course of the tenancy, TV. licence, etc as well as the Council Tax applicable to the property.
What must I do at the end of a tenancy?
Ensure you fulfil your obligations stated in the tenancy agreement to leave the property in the condition it was in at the start, or deductions will be made from your deposit. These will include thorough cleaning and all linen, used or not, freshly laundered. If you've moved furniture, return it to where you found it at the time of the inventory.
The Tenants may have to pay the Inventory Check Out fee. This will depend on the size of the property. Tenants should ask SP Lettings what the current fee is. This will be a guide figure.
Who is holding my deposit?
The deposit must be dealt with by a government approved scheme. Where SP Lettings manage the property, the deposit is held by Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS). Some Landlords register the deposit themselves with a different scheme.
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